Creative Europe

Ormston House is delighted to be selected for the Creative Europe Co-operation Projects 2018 with our international partners from the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (Poland), Fablevision (Scotland), [...]

Weekend of Words

Ormston House is delighted to host Weekend of Words to mark the fourth birthday of Stanzas gatherings for poetry, performance, music, dance, film, and food. We will host a series of events along [...]

Coonagh Clay

Over the summer, artist-in-residence Mary Conroy has been casting moulds of the Shannon riverbed and mining clay from the brickfields of Coonagh. On Wednesday and Thursday this week and next, we [...]

Invisible Heart Café

Ormston House is delighted to participate in the Invisible Heart Café at the Kunsthal Aarhus in August. Following the kind invitation of Lise Skou and Andrea Creutz from Swop Projects, [...]

Far from the reach of the sun

Far from the reach of the sun is set in a near future where a government-approved drug can alter your sexuality, allowing you to be satisfied in ways that were not previously in your nature. The [...]

Solstice Sounds

Stanzas present Solstice Sounds Volume V, a multidisciplinary album of poetry, music, and experimental noise. This season was edited by Russell Berry, who had the unenviable job of whittling down [...]

Vera Mota

Ormston House is delighted to host a Workspace Special with Vera Mota, artist-in-residence at EVA International as part of the Creative Europe project, Magic Carpets. Please join us for lunch [...]

Mary Conroy

Artist-in-residence, Mary Conroy presents a solo exhibition at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Mayo from 8 June to 14 July 2018. Ofrendas is an installation of objects and images created after the [...]