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Co-Director Niamh Brown has been appointed as Creative Producer of EVA International. In this new role, Niamh will work closely on the development and delivery of the 39th EVA International programme in 2020. She will also lead on EVA’s ongoing Magic Carpets programme.

Niamh Brown is a curator and producer based in Limerick City. She has been Co-Director of Ormston House since 2016 and currently sits on the advisory committee for Limerick Women’s Network, the Limerick branch of the National Collective of Community Based Women’s Networks. Through her work with Ormston House, she has worked collaboratively on over 40 exhibitions and over 300 public events onsite, offsite and internationally. Recent projects include Joy Gerrard at Supermarket 2019 (Stockholm, SE), and The Museum of Mythological Water Beasts, a multi-year project about, along and on the River Shannon, co-curated with Mary Conlon. In 2017, Brown was selected for Vessel’s International Curatorial Workshop in Bari, Italy. ICW 2017 was articulated around the notion of the para-institution and how the process of working from a grassroots perspective challenges, complies with, and/or imitates traditional institutional forms.

About EVA International

EVA International leads in the commissioning and curating of contemporary art by Irish and international artists, culminating in a programme of artistic encounters, exhibitions, and education projects, that takes place every two years across venues in Limerick city and beyond. EVA’s vision is ‘To lead in creating experiences and encounters of world-class contemporary art that activate Limerick as a place of creative endeavour and cultural destination’.

EVA was founded by artists in 1977 and it remains one of the longest running visual arts organisations in Ireland, with a history of working with some of the world’s most influential curators, including: Inti Guerrero (2018), Koyo Kouoh (2016), Bassam El Baroni (2014), Annie Fletcher (2012), Elizabeth Hatz (2010), Angelika Nollert and Yilmaz Dziewior (2009), Hou Hanru (2008), Klaus Ottmann (2007), Katerina Gregos (2006), Dan Cameron (2005), Zdenka Badovinac (2004), Virginia Pérez Ratton (2003), Apinan Poshyananda (2002), Salah M. Hassan (2001), Rosa Martínez (2000), Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn (1999), Paul M. O’Reilly (1998), Guy Tortosa (1996), María de Corral (1995), Jan Hoet (1994), Gloria Moure (1993), Lars Nittve (1992), Germano Celant (1991), Saskia Bos (1990), Florent Bex and Alexander Roshin (1988), Ida Panicelli (1987), Nabuo Nakamura (1986), Rudi Fuchs (1985), Peter Fuller (1984), Liesbeth Brandt Corstius (1982), Pierre Restany (1981), Brian O’Doherty (1980), Sandy Nairne (1979), Adrian Hall, Charles Harper, Theo Mcnab, Cóilín Murray (1978), Barrie Cooke, John Kelly, Brian King (1977).

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