Healthy Limerick

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Healthy Limerick envisions a Limerick where everyone is empowered to enjoy positive wellbeing which is supported at every level of society and achieved by working together. Its purpose is to improve health, positive wellbeing and quality of life by ensuring all sectors collaborate to achieve a healthy Limerick working with a social determinants approach to health.

Ormston House is delighted to work with Healthy Limerick through the Workspace Social event. We have some Workspace Specials coming up during the Summer months and the weekly slot will resume in September. The initiative is jointly funded by Limerick City and County Council and the HSE as part of the Social Development Directorate, and informed by two key national policies: Healthy Ireland: A National Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013-2025 and Putting People First: Action Programme for Effective Local Government.

If you are interested in leading a Workspace Social, you can contact us at


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