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Ormston House representatives will travel to the Boeotia region of Greece this month for the next stage of the Creative Europe project, Memory of Water. Mary Conroy (Artist) and Mary Conlon (Artistic Director) will meet with artists and partners from Belgium, Greece, Poland, Scotland and Sweden, to undertake a first research residency organised by Rafika Chawishe, Lambros Skarlas, Andreas Stamatakis and Vassias Tsokopoulos, and hosted by the Mayor and Municipality of Levadia.

During the residency, the project artists will get to know Levadia with the help of diverse community groups including newcomer citizens from the award-winning UNHCR Refugee Programme of Relocation and EPAPSY youth advocates for mental health and psycho-social rehabilitation. We will learn about the industrial history and context of the river city from field experts in agriculture, biology, geography and history, as well as the cultural and political life of the city through actions, seminars, and workshops led by local artists and activists. The residency programme will be underpinned by an in-depth discussion with Mrs. Giota Poulou, Mayor of Levadia, and her colleagues, on planning policy and the regeneration of the River Erkina.

Image: Kria Springs, Levadia via Elevation Maps.

About Memory of Water (2018-2020):

Memory of Water is an artist-led project exploring post-industrial waterfront heritage in the context of urban planning and community development. Over two years, the participating partners from six countries will collaborate on twenty-three interconnected activities including four artist-led City Labs, six international residencies, and a filmed documentary. Artists will work with citizens, community groups, politicians, urban planners and other stakeholders to create inclusive events and artistic interventions. The project artists are t s Beall, Rafika Chawishe, Mary Conroy, Jonas Myrstrand, Siegfried Vynck, and Iwona Zając.

Ormston House is a project partner on Memory of Water with Stad Ostend (Belgium), the Municipality of Levadia (Greece), Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury (Poland), Fablevision (Scotland), and Intercult (Sweden) (Lead partner).



Memory of Water (2018-2020) is co-funded by:


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