Limerick Environmental Network

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Limerick Environmental Network will host the first Meet Up at Ormston House on Wednesday 2 October at 7pm. Catherine O’Toole from the Irish Environmental Network will introduce the concept behind local environmental networks being set up around the country. The evening will involve an open discussion on interests of attendees.

Admission is free & all are welcome.

What is the Limerick Environmental Network?

A platform to connect all the environmental groups and individuals interested in the environment in Limerick City and County. Local Environmental Networks (LENs) are made up of individuals with interests in a wide range of environmental issues. They provide a central hub around which people from a given county can gather, discuss projects, ask for help, create change and become involved in their local Public Participation Network. All around the country LENs are being used to bring people together, create meaningful projects for the local community and impact the wider surroundings. Find out more here.

Photograph of Limerick Docks by Niamh Brown.

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