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Professor Vincent Cunnane, President of Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT), has awarded a three-year development fund to Ormston House. This new strategic partnership acknowledges the voluntary work carried out by a team of students and recent graduates of Limerick School of Art & Design (LSAD), and their contribution to cultural life in the city since 2011.

This is a major step forward in formalising the relationship between the two organisations and in consolidating Ormston House as a Cultural Resource Centre in the heart of Limerick. On granting the award, Professor Cunnane said: “Ormston House offers the Limerick City region an important cultural resource. For LIT it offers our students an incubation centre for involvement and training in contemporary art practice and curatorial studies in a real-world, and highly professional, context.”

Head of LSAD, Mike Fitzpatrick added: “This partnership acknowledges the organic development of this centre of excellence by students and alumni, and allows LIT to guide the on-going success and sustainability of Ormston House while not losing the benefit of the independence of the endeavour.”

Ormston House Chairperson, Mark Mulqueen welcomed this new strategic partnership as part of our Sustainability Plan: “Ormston House offers a huge benefit for LIT, and in particular for LSAD, however its outstanding success has been built on volunteerism and sweat equity. Already Ormston House has achieved well beyond its meagre resources, gaining a national reputation for artistic ambition and a growing brand internationally. This fund will continue to support and develop the work of the passionate team.”

Image: Professor Cunnane takes a #litsnap selfie with LIT students. Photograph by Seán Curtin of True Media.

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