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Artist-in-residence, Mary Conroy presents a solo exhibition at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Mayo from 8 June to 14 July 2018.

Ofrendas is an installation of objects and images created after the death of Mary’s sister, Jean Conroy. Upon her passing, Jean – also an artist – left a collection of objects and unfinished work in her studio. The task of ‘disposal’ of these objects fell to Mary, and after a long resting period the decision was made to burn them. Among these objects was a Dia de los Muertos skull, a symbol used to honour the dead in Mexican culture. Mary cast clay multiples of the skull and included them in the firings, creating new objects embodying traces of a previous life. “By using a familiar process, combining it with ceramic techniques and fuelling it with stories, cultural traditions and symbolic objects, this work reflects on the impermanence of life, the power of objects and the condition of death.” 

Mary Conroy’s practice explores humanity’s place within the natural world through sculpture, intervention, dialogue and imagery. Her work incorporates ceramics, installation, social practice and participation. She is an artist-in-residence at Ormston House as part of the R&R Programme.

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