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Stanzas celebrates five years this July with a final farewell at Ormston House:

“I would like to say thank you, to everyone, for five happy years.

Thank you all for sharing your work on the open mic, at our events, or in our publications – and having the courage to do that. It’s not easy.

I am so very grateful to have met all you creative people in my time as a Stanzonian; seeing your work grow, and you as people.

Thank you to Shane, Jared and Dan, for helping along the way and being good friends. And thank you all for allowing me to wear ridiculous clothing and neckwear every month.

I would leave you all this: Stanzas was started by four people who wanted to help other writers share their work – and look what we did: four festivals; monthly events; regular publications; and cool projects that made writing more than just the page.

If you want to do something creative, just do it. Whether that be setting up an open mic for other writers or reading your poems to your dog, just do it. Don’t deny yourself your creativity, it can save you (or someone else) one day.

OnWords and UpWords.” – Caleb Brennan

Image: (left to right) Jared Nadin, Shane Vaughan, Caleb Brennan and Dan O’Malley who programmed Stanzas from 2014 to 2019.


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