Sara Ezquerro

The urban space is pure inspiration: a playground for my games. Sara Ezquerro´s artworks often take the [...]

26 Apr 2018

The Edukators

The Edukators is a film following three young Berliners whose frustration at the iniquities of global [...]

25 Apr 2018

World Fish Migration Day

Posted by European Eel Foundation on Sunday, April 15, 2018   On World Fish Migration Day, we will [...]

21 Apr 2018

Conor Coady

Conor Coady investigates the origins of the idea of bodily autonomy while looking at the rural landscape [...]

19 Apr 2018

Tout va bien

Mariano Paz will introduce a screening of Tout va bien by Jean-Luc Godard & Jean-Pierre Gorin, a [...]

18 Apr 2018

Fiona Reilly

If time is a resource, then who owns it? What is the difference between work and labour? Who decides what [...]

5 Apr 2018

Metalepsis in Black

Metalepsis in Black is a documentary-based filmic exploration of the student protests situated in [...]

4 Apr 2018
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