Aesthetics Reading Group: Morality and Politics in Art

The Aesthetics Reading Group (ARG) is a weekly reading group which focuses on discussion and a co-operative approach to dealing with important texts on the philosophy of art.

We are seeking expressions of interest to join a closed group for Module #2 which will be based at 6A Rutland Street. The group will be limited to 6 places. All levels of experience are welcome.

Texts will be available to collect a week in advance from the Ormston House Reading Room. For further information or to book a place, please contact Chris Hayes at


Saturday 5 April, 12pm
The Work Of Art In The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin

Saturday 12 April, 12pm 
The Aesthetic Theory by Theodor Adorno

Saturday 19 April, 12pm
The Ethical Criticism Of Art by Berys Gaut

Saturday 26 April, 12pm
Oppressive Texts, Resisting Readers, And The Gendered Spectator by Mary Devereaux

Saturday 3 May, 12pm
Richard Mosse’s Infra: Conflict, Art and the Regime of the Documentary Image by David Brancaleone


Image: Walter Benjamin, sourced from The American Reader.

Module #2 on Morality and Politics in Art coincides with The Enclave exhibition by Richard Mosse at 6A Rutland Street and Ormston House.
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