Bernardine Carroll

In 2014, Bernardine Carroll took a break from the art world and found herself working as a humanitarian disaster response worker. For this Workspace Social, she invites attendees to explore objects and paper documents connected to projects she has developed over the past ten years. While looking at these items, she will give very practical explanations about humanitarian disasters, from social to climate, as well as guide a discussion on how they affect us and what we can learn from them. She would also like to start a broader conversation about how Limerick could operate as a City of Sanctuary for artists and writers, a movement which is developing in Europe.

About Bernardine:

Bernardine Carroll is a Limerick-based artist, cultural producer and sometimes disaster response worker. She works with Narrative 4, an organisation that uses the power of personal stories to build empathy across differences. Graduating from the Sculpture Department in LSAD and with a MA in Art in Public from the University of Ulster, she has a background in socially-engaged practice and an interest in weaving together the worlds of art and humanitarian action. She has created a number of solo and collaborative projects in Ireland as well as Canada, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Nepal. While working as a Public Art Manager, she produced a programme of socially-engaged projects in the west of Ireland, working closely with communities of place and interest.

In 2014, she took a break from the art world, and found herself working as a humanitarian disaster response worker for an American NGO, first in the US (floods/snowstorm) before being sent to Vanuatu (cyclone) and Nepal (earthquake). In post-earthquake Nepal, she witnessed the local arts community operating as a powerful community of resilience, and began working closely with Sattya, a Nepali arts organisation, producing community arts projects along side the programmed shelter, rubble-clearing and camp-management operations. After moving back to Limerick in 2016, Bernardine received Arts Council funding to return to Kathmandu to undertake an artist residency with Sattya, to further her understanding of arts-led resilience and to develop new work. This visit inspired her to set up Grounding in 2017, a peer-led learning programme that supports personal and community resilience in the arts. Most recently, she received funding from Limerick City and County Council to undertake an artist residency in Athens, which allowed her to explore European humanitarian themes, which will be developed further in 2018.

New to the Workspace Social?

The Workspace Social is a weekly event developed as an alternative format for artists’ talks and networking. Every Thursday, a local or visiting artist is invited to join us for lunch: to discuss a recent project, to share new research or to propose an activity. Participants are welcome to bring along their lunch and to eat with the artist.

The Workspace Social is programmed by Ciaran Nash for Spring-Summer 2018.


Workspace Social #40: Bernardine Carroll

Thursday 29 March, 1-2pm

Image: The City Doesn't Know (2017), participatory art installation in Kathmandu, collaborating with a rickshaw driver. Photography by Sattya.
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