Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions

Modernist visual artists were told to “avoid literature like the plague” (Clement Greenberg). ConvergenceLiterary Art Exhibitions makes clear however that today, reading and interpreting literature is, in diverse ways, core to the practice of so many contemporary visual artists, who make work that challenges or changes our understanding of both the literary text and the visual artwork. Literature has entered the contemporary art gallery, invigorating exhibitions, their content and the experience of the viewer.

Limerick City Gallery of Art is pleased to presentConvergenceLiterary Art Exhibitions at two venues: Istabraq Hall on Merchant’s Quay and Ormston House on Patrick Street. Convergence is the inaugural exhibition at Ormston House, a new art venue in the city, supported by Creative Limerick.

The purpose of the exhibition is to investigate how art practice, literature and exhibition formats can relate to one another. Part of its premise is to demonstrate that writers continue to have something to say to artists today – and artists to writers and how we read. Not every reference that artists make to the literary ‘canon’ is praise: writers can be an intense, productive annoyance to artists. The foundation for their respective creative practices (writing/making), however, is the same: the capacity to think for oneself.

The diverse work featured in Convergence is accessible at many levels: from the enticing reading environment provided by Davide Cascio’s Polyhedra (a space for reading Ulysses), to the humour of the narrative related in Sean Lynch’s Dear JJ, I read with interest, which perfectly evokes the wit and irreverence of its source, Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman. Like the lady’s bicycle on top of Carrauntoohil, ConvergenceLiterary Art Exhibitions, in exploring the relationships between art, literature and exhibitions, provides an alternative ‘monument’ to writers and their work, to well read artists and to innovative ways of bridging these realms through exhibition.

Admission is free and all are welcome.


Allotrope, antepress, Julie Bacon, Ecke Bonk, Pavel Büchler, Davide Cascio, Tacita Dean, Cerith Wyn Evans, Maria Fusco, Kenneth Goldsmith, Rodney Graham, Joanna Karolini, Sean Lynch, Simon Morris, Brian O'Doherty, Michalis Pichler, Tim Rollins, Andrea Theis, Nick Thurston, and Eric Zboya.

Curated by Dr. Christa Mia Lerm Hayes.

Convergence: Literary Art Exhibitions is presented in partnership with the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast.

17 August - 29 September 2011

Image: Davide Cascio, Polyhedra (a room in which to read Joyce's Ulysses) (2005), mixed media, courtesy of the artist.

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