Ormston House is delighted to launch FOIL on Culture Night 2014: an exhibition by Celeen Mahé & Fiona Sherlock. As the recipients of the third annual Ormston House Graduate Award selected by Vaari Claffey (Artistic Director, Gracelands), the artists have undertaken a series of experiments in material and spatial logic. Celeen’s instinctive assemblages resist neat categorization and familiar language while Fiona’s approach tests the integrity of materials and structures.

On selecting the two artists, Vaari says: “I am very interested to see how Fiona’s engagement and approach to problem-solving through materials will work with Celeen’s relationship to the possibilities generated by working with found objects. I am excited to see what they will produce together and for me it is the production which is at least if not more important than the moment – or moments – of exhibition in this project. Having said that, and having spoken to them both, and knowing Ormston House, I am confident that a crystallisation will take place in the gallery space that will be fascinating to watch.”

The Ormston House Graduate Award recognizes outstanding students at Limerick School of Art & Design whose work embraces risk, challenges conceptual or aesthetic convention & shows promising direction.  The format of the award is to provide guidance and support for students, as they transition from undergraduate education to professional practice, in developing an exhibition for the Ormston House programme.

Special thanks to Vaari Claffey, Ray O’Halloran & Marta Sławińska.

FOIL is supported by the Arts Council Programming Grant via the Lime Tree Theatre & by Limerick National City of Culture.



Celeen Mahé & Fiona Sherlock

Residency & exhibition: 1 September - 4 October 2014

Image: detail from FOIL installation by Celeen Mahé, courtesy of the artist.

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