Sara Ezquerro

The urban space is pure inspiration: a playground for my games.

Sara Ezquerro´s artworks often take the form of spatial interventions in public space. She attempts to convey provocative ideas to elicit public reactions as an opportunity to start a discussion with a wider audience. She wishes to engage with those who, even with little or no formal visual training, still desire to be agitated or surprised by something that was left for them on the street. Through these interventions, Sara intends to generate conversations around experiences of public space and will discuss this impulse at the next Workspace Social this coming Thursday.

Admission is free and all are welcome. Don’t forget to bring your lunch!

About Sara:

Spanish-born Sara Ezquerro graduated from Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in 2015. During her four years in Barcelona, she developed the projects Situacions Reals and Un Món Nou. Having been awarded an exhibition grant on graduating, she travelled to Japan. She then began her studies in art editioning at the Art School of Oviedo. At Oviedo, she was selected for exhibitions including the Madrid Art Book Fair curated by Libros Mutantes.

Sara is completing her degree studies at Limerick School of Art and Design since 2017 and is currently gaining professional experience working in several cultural institutions here in Limerick before she departs again for Spain this summer, where she will continue her work in printmaking and art-editioning.

New to the Workspace Social?

The Workspace Social is a weekly event developed as an alternative format for artists’ talks and networking. Every Thursday, a local or visiting artist is invited to join us for lunch: to discuss a recent project, to share new research or to propose an activity. Participants are welcome to bring along their lunch and to eat with the artist.

The Workspace Social is programmed by Ciaran Nash for Spring-Summer 2018.


Workspace Social #43: Sara Ezquerro

Thursday 26 April 2018, 1-2pm

Image: detail from David by Sara Ezquerro, courtesy of the artist.
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