Street Doves

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Artist-in-residence Mary Conroy is currently on an international residency at Villa Exarchia and will present a solo exhibition titled Street Doves opening 4 October curated by Christina Marki at the Phoenix Gallery in Athens.

During her residency, Conroy was drawn to the revolutionary story of Exarcheia, its diverse urban ecology, and the resilient nature of the dove. Whilst visiting the National Archaeological Museum, she was particularly drawn to representations of the dove. Using psycho-geographic methodologies, she mapped and documented her local environment to recreate the story of this ubiquitous emblem, using techniques inspired by both ancient and contemporary Greek artists.

With her focus on ecology and use of natural and found materials as a starting point, the artist made clay paint as a reference to Greek pottery which she applied to scrap materials found on the street. These ‘canvases’ are decorated using the same slip layering technique as a used by the ancient potters, uniting the present and the past through process. Conroy’s intention for this residency and final show was to combine her ongoing study of urban wildlife with Greek culture, history and contemporary lifestyle and to advocate an appreciation for city dwelling wildlife. Her organic methodology has been a fundamental point to achieving this purpose.

You can read more about Street Doves here.

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