The Repeal! Procession

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The Artists’ Campaign to Repeal the Eighth Amendment is holding a Meet & Greet event at Ormston House on Thursday 5 April from 4.30-6.30pm to convene volunteers for The Repeal! Procession planned during the launch of the 38th EVA International. Please come along to meet the artists and to get involved.

Meet & Greet: Thursday 5 April, 4.30pm at Ormston House

Dress Rehearsal: Thursday 12 April, 4.30pm at Limerick School of Art & Design

The Repeal! Procession: Friday 13 April, 12.30pm at Limerick School of Art & Design

About The Repeal! Procession:

The Artists’ Campaign to Repeal The Eighth Amendment is creating The Repeal! Procession, a group street performance as part of the 38th EVA International. We are looking for participants to join us. We are presenting a series of beautiful hand-made banners and costumes alongside local artists, the Cut Out Dolls, Limerick Dance practitioners, the Ukealadies, singers and musicians performing Our Eyes, a new composition by Breda Mayock. We intend The Repeal! Procession to be an elegant and dignified collective performance bringing together artists and activists who care about the Repeal movement. We want to declare artistically the streets of Limerick for women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive rights.

On Thursday 12 April, a dress rehearsal will take place in front of Limerick School of Art and Design at 4.30pm. If you can, please come along to the rehearsal to be allocated a role. If you are unable to attend the rehearsal, just come along on Friday 13 April at 12.30pm. We will be delighted to include you in the event. We need banner carriers, placard carriers, costume wearers, minders for the performers, and stewards to help keep everyone safe on the streets along with an Garda Siochána.

On Friday 13 April, The Repeal! Procession will start at Limerick School of Art & Design where we will assemble at 12.30pm. We will proceed at 1.30pm through the city centre via O’Connell Street to Cleeves Condensed Milk Factory. A finale performance by Breda Mayock will end The Repeal! Procession and our banners will be incorporated into The Repeal! Hub as part of the 38th EVA International exhibition.

Please wear all black!

Image: photograph courtesy of Dee Ambrose.

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