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The pressure for growth is felt at every stage, whether it is personal, organisational or community-related. We’re being constantly told that growth is something we need to pursue in order to evolve and succeed. Yet, is it always good to aim for growth? When should we strive for it and when should we choose not to? Fear of missing out vs. balance, opportunity vs. stability – there is no right or wrong, rather what suits us best. This October, Ormston House will participate in the next Trans Europe Halles Camp Meeting at Ambasada in Timisoara, Romania on the theme of Growth to explore these questions and find solutions with the network of artist- and citizens-led European Cultural Centres.

You can read more about Ambasada here and Trans Europe Halles here.

The participation of Niamh Brown and Caimin Walsh is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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