Light Moves

24 September 2021

Light Moves celebrates adventurous dance, film and media arts. The festival is a response to the vibrant and expanding field of screen-dance in Ireland and internationally, presenting feature [...]

Dr. Belinda Vigors

The Limerick Lady podcast interviews Dr. Belinda Vigors, a social scientist and curator of the Women of Ireland Project. An Irish woman living in the UK, Belinda became acutely aware of her [...]

Caroline O’Donoghue

Caroline O’Donoghue is an Irish author, journalist and host of the award-winning podcast, Sentimental Garbage. For the August edition of the Limerick Lady podcast, Ann Blake and Emma Langford [...]

Juxtapose Art Fair

Ormston House is proud to present With time and straw, the medlars ripen, a suite of drawings and paintings by Niamh Porter, at the inaugural Juxtapose Art Fair in Denmark. Through this body of [...]

National Heritage Week

National Heritage Week is an initiative of the Heritage Council of Ireland bringing together communities to build awareness of the value of our heritage and to support its conservation. This [...]

Creative Europe Funding Clinic

The new Creative Europe calls are now open. On Thursday 15 July, Mary Conlon will participate in a funding clinic organised by the Creative Europe Desk Ireland, sharing experiences and insights [...]

Jenny McDonald

The pandemic set adrift the performance industry. In this month’s Limerick Lady podcast, Jenny McDonald explains how she and a group of women chose to build their own boat. Originally from [...]

Artist-Run Feature

Artist-Run Feature is a series of short films presenting the members of the Artists’ Initiatives Meetings, also known as the AIM Network. Ormston House has been a member since 2017. The AIM [...]