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“In a smaller city like Limerick, creative energy is highly infectious. It seems to take just a few people to create a spark, and it travels through the city (see: Naive Ted, Windings, Rusangano Family, the folks of DIY LK). Momentum has been building up in the past few years, more people are doing more creative things with more confidence and more support from the community.” Mícheál Keating talks to Stephen Byrne at Golden Plec ahead of the release of Bleeding Heart Pigeons’ album Stir on 22 May. Ormston House was delighted to host BHP and Piquant Media to shoot the music video for Real Connection.

The video for Real Connections is visually stunning. Can you explain the concept behind the video and the process of making it?

“Glad you think so! The concept grew out of discussions for the album artwork with 3D animator/graphic artist Hugh Heffernan (of Piquant Media). In a way the video is like an extension of the album artwork. The idea was simply to combine photorealistic 3D and live band imagery to visually echo the music, and the song’s themes of isolation, connection, anxiety, and social media. Hugh meticulously animated the photorealistic 3D portions in Cinema 4D, and some shots took over 72 hours to render on his computer. Graham Patterson and Conor Buckley (also of Piquant Media) shot the live portions of the video with us in Ormston House in Limerick. Then Graham edited the live and 3D footage together. I think what’s really cool about the video is that it’s actually quite slowly paced, opting for slow camera movements and use of lighting techniques instead of frenetic editing, and that builds tension very interestingly. We’re amazed at the result and are ever-grateful to the lads for their work.”

You can read the full interview here. 

You can pre-order Stir here.


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