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Cassie Delaney runs Tall Tales Podcasts which produces Mother of Pod, Juvenalia, and the charmingly gruesome true crime comedy podcast, The Creep Dive. Having started off in journalism and digital design, Cassie saw an opportunity in podcasting to empower independent media. For this month’s Limerick Lady podcast, she joins Ann Blake to talk about the freedom and political power of podcasts, creepiness, queerness, and being on the other side of an intensely religious upbringing.

You can listen to Creeping, Queerness and Organised Religion here.

The Limerick Lady is a grassroots movement shining a spotlight on female performing artists. The aim of the Limerick Lady is to boost female visibility, encourage gender parity across the board, and encourage young women to embark on careers in typically male-dominated industries. The podcast is co-hosted by Emma Langford and Ann Blake, and recorded with support from The Limerick Post Newspaper and the Feminist Supermarket at Ormston House.

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