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Kaspars Lielgalvis from Free Riga and Totaldobže Art Center will host members of the Artists’ Initiatives Meetings aka AIM network this month supported by the Creative Europe Ireland Desk and Nordic Culture Point. Ormston House has been a member of AIM since 2017 and this year we welcome new artist-led organisations from Germany, Greece, Israel, Romania and Turkey. During the Riga meeting, we will develop project partnerships and plans for three years of intercultural activities across Europe focused on artist-led and artist-run programmes.

Artists’ Initiatives Meetings are a European network of artist-run initiatives. It serves as a platform for exchange of experience, sharing of knowledge, increasing of mobility and cooperation between artist-run initiatives and to raise awareness of the artist-run sector within both professional art world and the broader public. The network has currently fifteen member spaces from across Europe and includes artists’ initiatives of various natures and from recently initiated to well-established spaces.

You can find out more about the network here.

Image: detail from K57 part of the Free Riga initiative.

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