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How to Keep Your Calm – Art as Alternative is one in a series of digital seminars produced by the international group at Konstepidemin in Gothenburg to highlight how artist-driven initiatives address societal issues. Together with three artist-driven organisations from different parts of Europe, Niamh Brown will participate to address questions such as: How does your organisation work with being slow rather than fast? Being friendly instead of competitive? Producing less information rather than more?

“In a media climate where many of the loudest alternative voices today come from the far right, how do other expressions and opinions sound? Art has traditionally been a realm for experimental ideas, new perspectives and utopias, often pursuing various forms of equality and humanism. How do the situation look for alternative, artist-driven platforms in a mediated reality where socially critical voices are often mixed together into an overwhelming cacophony of anti-establishment voices from all directions. In what way can art constitute an alternative space and provide other more reflective perspectives in a public sphere characterised by positioning and polarisation?”

The participants are Niamh Brown, Ormston house (Limerick, Ireland), Nikolett Balázs, MŰTŐ (Budapest, Hungary), Martin Bricelj Baraga, Museum of Transitory Art (Ljubljana, Slovenia), and John Huntington, Konstepidemin (Gothenburg, Sweden). The seminar will take place on 21 April 2021, 5-6pm Irish time. You can find out more about Konstepidemin here and join the Zoom seminar here.

Image: Rehabilitation (2020) by Isaji Yugo, guest artist at Konstepidemin, courtesy of the artist. The event is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, A.B.F. and Göteborg Stad.

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