Ormston House relaunched the Membership Scheme for artists.

Over a period of 18 months, we held public consultations in Limerick, Dublin and Stockholm, as well as circulating an online survey seeking feedback, suggestions and ideas on how to improve the Scheme, and to ask our core question: How can we support artists better?

The Membership Scheme is free.

There is no membership fee to join. All you have to do is add your contact information to the online form below. Members selected for opportunities are paid in accordance with the Visual Artists Ireland payment guidelines.

The Membership Scheme is continuous.

Once you have signed up, you are signed up! There will be no need to renew your membership every year. You may choose to unsubscribe from the Membership Scheme at any time.

The Membership Scheme is flexible.

The types of opportunities will change as we continue to listen to members’ feedback. This flexibility comes in response to requests for different types of experiences and needs such as exhibition projects, international mobility, and residencies.

Please note, while the Membership Scheme is free, some professional development opportunities may incur a cost or fee, for example masterclasses or international studio visits. Any requested cost or fee will be explained and itemised.

To join the Membership Scheme, please fill out the form below:


Call for submissions #12: Graduate Artists-in-Residence [Closed]

Call for submissions #11: Guest Curator [Closed]

Call for submissions #10: Supermarket Art Fair, Sweden [Closed]

Call for submissions #9: Exhibition proposals [Closed]

Call for submissions #8: Crex crex, crex crex, crex… [Closed]

Call for submissions #7: Black Holes residency, Latvia [Closed]

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