Mícheál Keating

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Ormston House is delighted to welcome Mícheál Keating as Artist-in-Residence on the 2022 R&R programme.

Mícheál is a musician, composer, producer and multimedia artist from rural West Limerick. He is the lead singer and producer of the band Bleeding Heart Pigeons, who have released critically acclaimed LPs both in the mainstream music industry (with Virgin Records) and as an independent DIY act. In September 2020, Mícheál completed an MA in Art and Technology at the University of Limerick, developing his own solo artistic practice, and creating a portfolio of work which traverses video art, sound art, installation art, virtual art, creative coding, generative art, and digital musical instrument design. His recent work employs digital media to explore memory, hauntology, non-linear temporalities and local landscape. He also works collaboratively with a wide range of musicians across the Irish independent music scene as a freelance producer and audio engineer.

The R&R Programme (Research & Residency) was established in 2016 to create new opportunities for artists and art workers. This programme includes the Artist-in-Residence scheme, a long-term commitment to support Limerick-based artists. Ormston House works with each Artist-in-Residence to develop a customised structure suited to their specific interests and needs. Supports include, but are not limited to, space for experimentation and testing, space for research and documentation, space for private/semi-private meetings, advice on concept development through to production, training for professional practice opportunities, feedback on applications, promotion of work/practice, and networking opportunities. Ormston House has commissioned ambitious new artworks by the Artists-in-Residence, and provided funded opportunities to work in Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Scotland, and Sweden.

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