Non-Violent Direct Action

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Extinction Rebellion NVDA training covers the legal, technical, and emotional aspects of non-violent direct action. Join us on Saturday 28 September with Tim Hourigan who will lead a free and informative session from 11am-4pm at Ormston House.  Admission is free and all are welcome.

Who are Extinction Rebellion?

We are you! We are human beings – from all corners of the country and abroad, of all age groups, from all walks of life. And we are concerned about the future of our planet, for the sake of our children, our species, and all life on this planet.

Our government is failing to act on the ongoing ecological crisis. We feel that we have a moral duty to rebel, no matter our political backgrounds, because this world needs ACTION NOW.

History shows that peaceful civil disobedience is an effective way to bring about political and social change. Together we can build a world that meets the challenge of this climate crisis, finds the will and the means to transition to a sustainable society. We believe that such a sustainable future includes everybody; that it takes all members of society sharing in hope and access to decision-making to steer our future course well.

For further information, a list of demands, and XR principles and values can be found here.

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