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Ormston House has partnered with EVA International to develop a collaborative Public Programme throughout the Biennial (14 April – 8 July) which highlights intertwining programmatic themes and research activities. On Friday 13 April during the opening weekend of the biennial, our first event will launch new works by Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Tom Watt and Tanad Williams as part of the Museum of Mythological Water Beasts. Inspired by the generosity of their collaborative practice and our shared interests in the river, we have invited some friends to join us:

The Learning Hub was founded in response to the high levels of educational disadvantage and early school-leaving experienced by local communities. They create an active learning environment that extends the learning experience beyond the traditional school day, including STEAM projects, Making Art in Our Community, Music Studios, and the Health Hub. From their riverside orchard, they produced the organic apple juice served today.

Wild brown trout, oysters, periwinkles, river grasses and foraged herbs… Sample a selection of river bites with David Geoghegan and Paul Cusack from Rene Cusack at the Limerick Milk Market, the oldest family fish monger in Ireland, and hear about the culinary traditions, fishermen’s stories and family histories of the region.

Dr. Will O’Connor introduces us to the lamprey: a jawless parasite, older than dinosaurs, and responsible for the death of a king. Lampreys are natural river engineers, important for a healthy ecosystem, and a key conservation interest in the Shannon. Will is an environmental scientist with a MSc in Applied Hydrobiology and a PhD in Zoology. His primary expertise lies in water quality, fisheries and aquatic ecology, with significant experience in protected aquatic species.

Dale McKay has been playing the bodhrán since the age of 14 under the tuition of Colm Phelan from Giotse. He won the Senior All-Ireland Bodhrán competition in 2014 and graduated from Irish Music and Dance at the University of Limerick in 2017. He recently purchased a hang (developed in 2000 and made under water pressure) bringing together this contemporary instrument with traditional Irish music techniques to create a unique style and sound.

Image: periwinkles at Ormston House, photograph by Allie Glynn at Crude Media.

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