The Pirate

The year is 1934. Extraordinary events are unfolding in Limerick city as a radio pirate takes control of [...]

25 Mar 2022

Roman Sebastyański

Roman Sebastyański curated the City Labs for the Memory of Water project at the Baltic Sea Cultural [...]

18 Dec 2020

Agnieszka Wołodźko

Welcome to the Memory of Water podcast. In this episode, we meet Agnieszka Wołodźko who curated our [...]

17 Dec 2020

t s Beall

t s Beall is a socially-engaged artist and researcher based in Glasgow and Dumfries. She works with [...]

16 Dec 2020

Ira Brami

Ira Brami is a performance artist, mask-maker and artistic director. For the Memory of Water project, Ira [...]

15 Dec 2020

Mary Conroy

Mary Conroy’s work investigates humans’ connection with nature through socially-engaged practice, [...]

14 Dec 2020

Jonas Myrstrand

Jonas Myrstrand is the next guest on our Memory of Water podcast. He describes his dual role of artist [...]

13 Dec 2020

Siegfried Vynck

In episode two of the Memory of Water podcast, spray-can artist Vynck talks with Mary Conlon about how he [...]

12 Dec 2020

Iwona Zając

Welcome to the Memory of Water podcast. In our first episode, Artistic Director, Mary Conlon talks with [...]

11 Dec 2020