Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen

Hanne Nielsen and Birgit Johnsen have an international reputation for artistic excellence, and are recipients of numerous awards including the new Carlsberg Foundation Art Award given in [...]

Lumen Street Theatre

Ormston House will host Lumen Street Theatre for a week-long residency in the lead up to Samhain – Limerick’s Hallowe’en Festival. Lumen collaborates with local community [...]

Crex crex, crex crex, crex…

Once the sound of summer and a harbinger of good luck, the population of corncrake has almost disappeared from the island of Ireland. An elusive, migratory bird, often only heard and not seen, [...]

Artist-Run Feature

Artist-Run Feature is a series of short films presenting the members of the Artists’ Initiatives Meetings, also known as the AIM Network. Ormston House has been a member since 2017. The AIM [...]

River Residencies

Ormston House is delighted to announce the artists for the River Residencies following an international open call. The River Residencies will bring together artists and rural communities [...]

Artist-Run Network Europe

Ormston House is the Irish partner on Artist-Run Network Europe, a new project co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. Over two and a half years, the project will host a [...]

Born in Govan

Our Scottish partner at Fablevision is delivering a series of remote residencies, transnational collaborations and artistic interventions throughout the COVID-19 restrictions for our Creative [...]

Govan Stones

Mary Conroy will be the first artist to launch the new artistic activities in Govan, Limerick and Stockholm for our Creative Europe project Memory of Water following COVID-19 restrictions on [...]


Ormston House is working with artist Shane Vaughan to develop a new in-house residency model for the R&R Programme. This is an experimental process and a paid opportunity over the course of [...]

Niamh Porter

Ormston House is delighted to welcome Niamh Porter as Artist-in-Residence following three years on the Culture Team. This is the first time we have appointed an artist with a specialisation in [...]