The Pirate

The year is 1934. Extraordinary events are unfolding in Limerick city as a radio pirate takes control of [...]

25 Mar 2022

Shellshock Rock

Shellshock Rock (1979) is a documentary by John T. Davis exploring Northern Ireland’s 1970s punk scene. [...]

23 Mar 2022

Fire Draw Near

Under the Fire Draw Near moniker, Ian Lynch of Lankum presents a live show exploring the outer boundaries [...]

19 Mar 2022


Crossroads is a proposal for an artwork that never existed. Written by artist Steve Maher, it imagines a [...]

16 Mar 2022

Models of Practice

Models of Practice is an artwork, initiated by artist Michelle Doyle, about rehearsal, rehearsal spaces, [...]

2 Mar 2022 - 26 Mar 2022

The Limerick Show

Marking one year since securing a long-term lease at 9-10 Patrick Street, Ormston House will launch our [...]

22 Jan 2022 - 19 Feb 2022

Imbas Forosnai

Ormston House presents the hometown premiere of Imbas Forosnai at the Belltable. Imbas Forosnai is a [...]

10 Dec 2021

Energy: A Visual Mixtape

Ormston House presents an evening of film and conversation with Denise Chaila and B+ at the Belltable. [...]

27 Oct 2021

Supermarket Art Fair

Ormston House presents People Who (…) Have No Dreams by Ciara Barker at Supermarket Art Fair 2021. The [...]

14 Oct 2021 - 17 Oct 2021
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