Climate Café #2

Our second Climate Café will be a women-led afternoon of activities to mark International Women’s Day 2020. We look forward to a Climate Ambassador talk with Iona Logan, a Sustainable Electronics demo with Ciara Lynch, a Swop Shop with Ellen Gough, and more self-care for activists. The Climate Café is inspired by Fridays for Future meetings and participants’ experiences, questions and responses to climate action. The principle aim of the event is to connect citizens with scientists and local experts on specific aspects of climate research and sustainability. This will be an open and relaxed atmosphere where participants can ask questions and share information.

There are three parts to the Climate Café each week: Share – Care – Repair

Share: Each week, a local expert will be invited to share their knowledge about specific aspects of climate change/action and sustainability. The young climate strikers will lead this part of the programme through invitations and facilitating sessions themselves. This will be an open and relaxed atmosphere where people can ask questions about the science, behavioural changes, and initiatives that we can undertake as individuals.

Care: Parents and teachers have noted a spike in climate anxiety reported by students and young people in recent times. We will hold a self-care session with a local expert to share different coping mechanisms, activities and strategies to deal with anxiety, to avoid burn-out, and to encourage positive mental health through engaging with our natural environment. For all ages!

Repair: DIY/DIO experts will demonstrate tips and tricks for hands-on repairs in order to reduce waste and to recycle materials or products. Through this we will promote circular economies generated by fixing, repurposing and upcycling. While addressing throwaway culture and reducing CO2 emissions, it is also a fun way to share both technical and creative skills as well as meeting new and like-minded people in our communities.

Admission is free and all are welcome.


Saturday 7 March 2020, 2-4pm. The Climate Café (pilot) is kindly supported by the Community Environment Action Fund. Image: poster by Rachael Drennan.
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