Expansive Traces

Expansive Traces focuses on the versatile and temporal nature of drawing and mark-making. Using a dynamic range of tools and materials, the exhibition contemplates the act of recording, documenting, discovery and erasure as processes in each of the artists’ works. Through a variety of media, the gallery becomes spatially adapted by site-specific installations, which temporarily transform the walls into drawing grounds. Despite distinct conceptual concerns, a common thread runs throughout – the compulsion to make a mark, physically creating and expressing explorations of subject through line.

The five selected artists demonstrate the broad scale of possibilities in the line, and offer us an insight into their worlds through the very distinct contents of their practices. Susan Lynch’s reconstructed pencil map of her walked journeys between the northern most and southern most points of Ireland are intersected by messages of communication during her expedition. Darek Fortas’ photographic print is extracted from a project which includes a series of works that investigate heritage and migration. This project has led to the introduction of a video performance that looks at themes of reoccurrence symbolised by a pencil in circular motion, as we are invited to watch its creation and attempted destruction.  Laura Kelly develops a site-specific drawing installation of landscapes that shift between abstraction and representation. Shane Murphy’s site-specific mixed media installation explores the lines of architectural space. This work investigates how two-dimensional drawings can be translated into a three-dimensional process as he invites the viewer to enter into the piece, creating a relationship between the viewer and the line. Emma Roche’s work experiments with unconventional painting methods as she manipulates the viscous properties of the paint allowing it to be a support, surface and medium simultaneously.

Admission is free and all are welcome.



Darek Fortas, Laura Kelly, Susan Lynch, Shane Murphy and Emma Roche. Expansive Traces is curated by Eimear Redmond and is the second of two Membership Scheme exhibitions developed in collaboration with Catalyst Arts. All That Remains To Be Seen took place at Catalyst Arts in Belfast from 5-20 June. The selected artists were Jamin Keogh, Elaine Leader, Lorraine Neeson and Paul Quast. 4-26 July 2014 Image: Darek Fortas, Recurrence of Resistance (2014), graphite on card, courtesy of the artist.
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