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Maverick Danish/Faroese musician Goodiepal will mark the month of his fiftieth birthday with an Irish tour, stopping by Ormston House. A composer, artist, educator, activist, hacker, and trickster, Goodiepal is noted for his eccentric approach to sound and for pushing the boundaries of traditional music genres. His interest in computer technology and alternative intelligence has contributed to the development of his concept of ‘Radical Computer Music’.

Blurring the lines between performance and lecture, his shows are embellished with stories, theoretical expositions, and surprising instrumentation. Join us for the concert on Sunday, 28 January at 7pm. Tickets are €10 and can be bought here. Under-18s must be accompanied by an adult.

About Goodiepal

Goodiepal, also known as Pruttipal, Mainpal Inv, Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen, or his birth name Parl Kristian Bjorn Vester, is a former lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus, Denmark). His published books include Radikal Computer Music, an attempt to break with the linear approach to writing scores; and El Camino Del Hardcore, an autobiographical travelogue of his time travelling through Europe on a self-built, electricity-producing velomobile.

He continuously challenges the established norms of a musical ‘release’, famously putting out records containing signed blank cheques, his debit card details, and even an album containing a 500 Kroner note, which was twice the price of the record.

You can learn more about Goodiepal in the documentary The Goodiepal Equation, available on YouTube here. The tour is facilitated by Footprints of Unseen Hands, and the performance at Ormston House is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Image courtesy of the artist.


Image courtesy of the artist.
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