Isolde Donohoe

Isolde Donohoe is the second Artist-in-Residence to join Ormston House in 2019. The Artist-in-Residence scheme was established as part of the R&R Programme in 2016 to support artists based in the Limerick region and to address our core question: How can we support artists better?

Isolde has previously led a Workspace Social at Ormston House and performed in DUBH, a collaborative performance by former Artist-in-Residence Ceara Conway to launch the Murder Machine project co-curated by Mary Conlon and Christine Eyene in partnership with EVA International. We look forward to working with Isolde to develop a customised structure for her residency.



More about Isolde:

Isolde Agnes (capriquarian) was conceived in Limerick, born in Dublin, and raised in Tipperary. She completed a degree in fine art from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2017 and received the graduate residency award with the National Sculpture Factory in Cork. In the year following his degree show, Isolde co-founded spacecraft Artists’ Studios and Evil collective, and exhibited five new works, one of which, rolling hills (pictured above), marked my first solo show. Isolde’s second year post-college began with the completion of ROAR, a three-month performance course in Berlin.


Image: from rolling hills (2018) performed by Níamh Dorgan, Conor Coady, Day Magee, Casper McCabe, Aoife Lee, Isolde Donohoe, Aoife Delaney Reade, curated by Katie O’Grady, supported by Sample Studios, TACTIC, Cork Midsummer Festival, the National Sculpture Factory, and the Guest House, courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Jed Niezgoda.
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