Jens & Morten

Jens & Morten have shared a practice since 2012. Three years ago, they moved into a closed-down slaughterhouse in Holstebro (where they originally come from), which has been the base for their workshop/studio and a framework for events created by a cultural community initiated by the artists. The social dimension has characterised Jens & Morten’s practice from the start. In the context of the slaughterhouse, they invite local residents to co-create events and projects inspired by methods of artistic process.

Jens & Morten are visiting Limerick as part of the R&R Programme and will be developing an exhibition at Ormston House launching in October 2018. Their visit is kindly supported by the Danish Arts Foundation. You can find out more about the artists here and Kulturdivisionen at the slaughterhouse here.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

New to the Workspace Social?

The Workspace Social is a weekly event developed as an alternative format for artists’ talks and networking. Every Thursday, a local or visiting artist is invited to join us for lunch: to discuss a recent project, to share new research or to propose an activity. Participants are welcome to bring along their lunch and to eat with the artist.

The Workspace Social is programmed by Ciaran Nash for Spring-Summer 2018.


Workspace Social #44: Jens & Morten Thursday 3 May 2018, 1-2pm Images: detail from AGORA (2017) by Jens Ardal and Morten Kromann at GL Strand, Copenhagen, photograph by Alastair Philip Wiper; and photograph of Kulturdivisionen at the slaughterhouse in Holstebro, courtesy of the artists.
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