Lise Skou

In my work, I tell stories about women and economics. About being seduced by the greatest myth of all: The Economic Man. Stories about human behaviour and psychology.

Join us with Danish artist Lise Skou for the next Workspace Social to hear about recent projects and works in progress including Lehman Sisters – or the witches are coming and Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner? Lise is visiting Limerick as part of our R&R Programme (Research & Residency).

Admission is free and all are welcome. Don’t forget to bring your lunch!

About Lise:

Lise Skou (born in Denmark, 1966) is a visual artist. She holds a BA (Art History) from Aarhus University, and is a graduate of the Whitney Museum of American Art – Independent Study Program and the MFA at Funen Art Academy.

Lise visualizes one of the biggest crises of today: the crisis of capitalism. Exploring gendered economies, she identifies possible economic practices that might contribute to environmental resilience and community adaptation. She has a great interest in what impact economy has on psychology and human behaviour.

In 2016, she published the book series Your Money or Your Life – Feminist Perspectives on Economy in collaboration with American artist Bonnie Fortune (published by Trade Test Site Imprint).

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Workspace Social #33: Lise Skou Thursday 2 November, 1-2pm Images: (above) Fight with Cudgels (2015), a re-enactment of Francisco Goya's painting Fight with Cudgels (1820-23), from the photo series The Inner Soul of Capitalism (2015); and (left) installation view of Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner? (2017) at Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon, courtesy of the artist. This will be the final Workspace Social of 2017.
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