Local Connections

Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 will host Ormston House as part of the European network AIM for a series of meetings of independent artist-led, creative and cultural initiatives.

Local Connections is a programme of events, exhibitions and installations in abandoned or alternative spaces, performances, workshops, and an open discussion on the theme of local/global artistic initiatives.

The meetings aim to bring the framework of AIM to Plovdiv, thus contributing to the development of local initiatives and creating opportunities for exchange of experiences and collaborations at both local and international levels.


AEther (Sofia, BG), Art today (Plovdiv, BG), Art Studios Maritsa (Plovdiv, BG), Candyland (Stockholm, SE), CU29 (Plovdiv, BG), DOMA Art Foundation (Sofia, BG), Gallery Geshev Arsenal of arts (Plovdiv, BG), Kapana Plovediv (Plovdiv, BG), KRÆ syndikatet (Copenhagen, DK), Lateral Art Space (Cluj-Napoca, RO), LTMKS (Vilnius, LT), MUU Artists’ Association (Helsinki, FI), Ormston House (Limerick, IE), Pasaj (Istanbul, TR), Press to Exit (Skopje, MK), Sant Marc (Sineu, Mallorca, ES), Small Projects (Tromsø, NO), Snehta Residency (Athens, GR), Studio 2 (Plovdiv, BG), >top (Berlin, DE), U10 (Belgrade, RS), Water Tower Art Fest (Sofia, BG), Daisuke Takeya (JP).

Ormston House is represented at Plovdiv 2019 by Niamh Brown (Co-Director). Our participation is kindly supported by the Artists’ Initiatives Meetings and Limerick Arts Department International Mobility Award.


Local Connections is part of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019 from 1-10 June 2019. You can read more about the programme here. Ormston House is a member of the AIM network since 2017. Photo: Plovdiv 2019 by Ivan Mandevski.
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