Make a Move

Ormston House is proud to host the opening event for Make a Move 2018. On Thursday 4 October, the festival will kick off with a DJ Workshop for Women led by Aoife Ní Canna (pictured) and Maedbh O’Connor. This will include turntablism, music business and promotion, as well as opportunities to DJ during the festival.

About Make a Move:

Make a Move is a hip hop festival that has been running in Limerick City since 2012. The festival emerged out of a community arts workshop and has been developed by a team of local volunteers and community development organisations. Make a Move seeks to capture the revolutionary spirit and underground traditions of hip hop culture and engage young people through hip hop music, dance and urban art. The festival puts young Limerick artists across a variety of disciplines to the forefront and celebrates the diverse cultures and ethnic backgrounds from the city and beyond.

To hear more about Limerick’ hip hop scene and festival, you can listen to Peter Curtin’s documentary Make a Move Spread the Message here with contributions from Murli Bo, Hazey Haze, Shane MacCurtáin, Jonen Dekay, Andy Connolly, Jim Carroll, Clara Rose Thorton, Mankyy and As Well.


Thursday 4 October, 7.30-9.30pm For full details and bookings, you can visit Ormston House is hosting 10 festivals  in diverse art-forms in 2018 as part of our Festival Hub initiative.  
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