Christine Eyene

Christine Eyene will give a curatorial tour of the Murder Machine project introducing the works of George Hallett and the Otolith Group.

Murder Machine weaves together histories of Africa and Ireland drawing parallels between the slow, systemic and violent erasure of indigenous languages and culture. Padráig Pearse, author of the eponymous pamphlet and leader of the 1916 Easter Rebellion, equated the English education system imposed on Irish children with a system of slavery and debasement. In 2016, we also commemorate 40 years since the Soweto Riots in South Africa when students protested the Afrikaans Medium Decree forcing all black schools to teach through the “language of the oppressor.” Anchored within local narratives and exploring diverse histories, geographies and political contexts, the project presents art pieces, performances and archival material previously unseen in Ireland.

Murder Machine has been developed in partnership with EVA international and Making Histories Visible, featuring Irish and international multidisciplinary artists Ceara Conway (Ireland), George Hallett (South Africa), Linda O’Keeffe (Ireland/UK), The Otolith Group (UK) and Rusangano Family: God Knows, MuRli and mynameisjOhn (Zimbabwe/Togo/Ireland) for an interactive display and a series of monthly public interventions around language, text and literature.

canteen will serve ethically farmed and traded Rwandan coffee.

Admission is free and all are welcome.



Saturday 16 April, 1pm Image: photograph by Antoine Tempé. This event is part of the Murder Machine project.  
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