Occupy Space

Occupy Space is an ever-changing and evolving entity. From Limerick’s artist-led gallery to international artists’ collective, current members Yelverton Freeman, Kate McElroy, Ciaran Nash and Isabella Walsh will bring us on a journey through this history up to their forthcoming project WeOccupySpace at MART Gallery in Dublin. Join us for this week’s Workspace Social in Limerick and from Seattle.

Admission is free and all are welcome. Don’t forget to bring your lunch!

About Occupy Space:

Occupy Space was founded as an artist-led gallery in 2009 as a response to the lack of exhibition spaces available in Limerick City at that time. Following the loss of their Creative Limerick premises in 2012, the team continued to deliver their exhibition programme in a nomadic capacity, moving from place to place and adjusting to each new set of circumstances.

After closing the exhibition This Forever [together we raised some hell] (2015), the group decided to change their focus from delivery of an exhibition programme to that of an artists’ collective. With the founding of Occupy Space – Seattle by Freeman in 2016, it has become an international organisation, expanding the potential for collaboration and exchange.

About WeOccupySpace:

WeOccupySpace is a group exhibition by Yelverton Freeman, Kate McElroy, Ciaran Nash and Isabella Walsh, four members of Occupy Space. Their work is drawn together by the idea of a journey, be it physical or psychological.

Freeman and McElroy both express a personal psychological journey, using their work as a means of processing the fluidity of complex emotional states. Walsh documents a physical expedition that became as much a personal exploration. Reflecting on the ecological degradation she witnessed and developing her findings has set her on a new path. Nash responds to a series of political events, a societal journey, questioning the limitations of individual agency and the diminishing ability of grassroots movements to affect change.

Walsh and Freeman have also begun a collaborative project based on their recent traverse of the USA, she from South to North and he from East to West. They exchange information through a series of whimsical and probing questions to form the basis of further work.

About the Workspace Social:

The Workspace Social is a weekly event developed as an alternative format for artists’ talks and networking. Every Thursday, a local or visiting artist is invited to join us for lunch: to discuss a recent project, to share new research or to propose an activity. Participants are welcome to bring along their lunch and to eat with the artist.


Workspace Social #5: Occupy Space Thursday 10 November, 1-2pm Image: Ciaran Nash, Occupy_SomethingSometimeSomewhere, spoken word performance at Livestock 2016. Photograph by Amber Baruch.
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