Siegfried Vynck

In episode two of the Memory of Water podcast, spray-can artist Vynck talks with Mary Conlon about how he became a full-time professional artist and his experience of working in Levadia, Gdańsk and Govan during the international residency programme. When he was unable to travel due to COVID-19 restrictions this year, the artist made a graffiti manual for non-trained artists in Govan, and the Municipality of Ostend made this film of the artist, in his home town, painting a mural about the local fishing industry to mark Heritage Day 2020.

Siegfried Vynck grew up surrounded by the paintings of his grandfather who was a well-known expressionist painter. From a young age, he started drawing and painting realising that this was his calling. At the age of fifteen, Vynck picked up the spray-can which turned out to be a perfect match. Quickly after, commissioned work came rolling in, and he realised he could not narrow his style, instead he focused on becoming an “all-round” artist. From abstract work to portraits, to landscapes and true graffiti-spirit creations, he is now a well-respected artist in the Belgian street art and graffiti scene. Since 2010, he is a full-time independent artist.

About Memory of Water:

Memory of Water (2018–2021) is an artist-led project exploring post-industrial waterfront heritage in the context of community development and urban planning. Over two years, the participating artists and partners from six countries are collaborating on twenty-three interconnected activities including City Labs, an international residency programme, and a filmed documentary.

Funded by Creative Europe, the project is developed and delivered by members of the River Cities Platform Foundation. Ormston House is responsible for the Artistic Direction of the project supported by the Creative Europe Ireland Desk, the Arts Council of Ireland, and Limerick Culture & Arts Office, Limerick City & County Council. Our partners are Stad Ostend in Belgium, the Municipality of Levadia in Greece, Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury in Poland, Fablevision in Scotland, and Intercult in Sweden.




Image: artists Mary Conroy and Siegfried Vynck take a closer look at The Myth of Erkyna by Vynck in Levadia, Greece. You can find out more about Siegfried Vynck and view his Memory of Water portfolio here.
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