Limerick Jazz

Ormston House is looking forward to hosting the annual children’s workshop for Limerick Jazz Festival. Titled Stomping in the Woods, the workshop led by Ruti Lachs will introduce children to different genres of music, instruments, and movement with a strong focus on participation and interaction. Suitable for ages 0-6 years. Admission is free and no need to pre-book.

About Limerick Jazz Festival:

Limerick has one of the most active jazz scenes in Ireland. Limerick Jazz has been bringing outstanding music performers to the city since the 1980s and the Limerick Jazz Workshop has been providing Jazz Education to the people of Limerick since 2007. The festival was established in 2012 and will run from 27-30 September 2018. To view the full programme, please visit


Saturday 29 September, 10.30am-12pm Ormston House is hosting 10 festivals in 2018 as part of the Festival Hub initiative.  
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