Rebuilding to Last

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Ormston House and Forerunner will participate in a Rebuilding to Last gathering for cultural organisations striving to implement environmental future-proofing solutions in their spaces and neighbourhoods. The event will take place in Berlin at ufaFabrik, bringing together fifteen cultural organisations to share participatory architecture interventions taking place across Europe.

Rebuilding to Last will research how cultural spaces are implementing sustainable solutions in their buildings and practices, and will test fit-for-purpose ideas that are in line with the local cultural, social and economic context. It also aims to provide capacity-building for cultural leaders to address the sustainable transformation of their organisations and to include communities in the process. The project will also build the capacity of cultural leaders to address the sustainable renovation of their buildings and champion sustainable transition among their teams, audiences, communities and cities.

Through the event in Berlin, Rebuilding to Last and its partners are looking to enable cultural organisations and their audiences to reflect on regenerating, rethinking, renovating and restructuring of cultural, community and social/physical  spaces, in a lasting manner that is in balance with the ecosystem. This is an opportunity to experiment with new and old sustainability methods to address building-related and urban-related issues in line with circular economy principles.

About Forerunner

Forerunner is a collaborative art practice founded by Tom Watt, Tanad Aaron and Andreas Kindler von Knobloch. Over the past two years, their work has begun to encompass an interest in Arte Util and a desire to quietly upgrade or criticise by fixing. They commonly refer to their exhibitions as tests, tests for the real world, tests for a future context, and opportunities. Visit

Rebuilding to Last is led by Trans Europe Halles, in partnership with twelve organisations, and co-funded by the European Union’s Creative Europe programme. Image: Photovoltaics and green roof at ufa Fabrik by Marlene Hildebrandt.

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