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Schools & Gardens is a meeting of European and Baltic independent initiatives and spaces in April 2022, organised by the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association. This is a key event, curated by Lina Rukevičiūtė and Vaida Stepanovaitė, for our Creative Europe project, Artist-Run Network Europe, to create a horizontal space of exchange between established professionals about the current developments and futures of independent cultural fields. Members of two networks – Artist-Run Network Europe partners from Artists’ Initiatives’ Meetings (AIM) and Independent Initiatives Baltics (IIB) – will take part in the exchange.

As part of the activities in Vilnius, Niamh Brown will present the strategic priorities of Ormston House, and moderate thematic discussion groups with international participants throughout the week-long programme. Alongside of the activities at the cultural centre SODAS 2123, there will be visits to Vilnius-based arts initiatives. Niamh Brown will be joined by Limerick-based artist and researcher Ashling McGrory, who will continue to work with Ormston House on the project to research the social value of artist-run initiatives in Ireland and Europe.

About IIB and Artist-Run Network Europe

Independent Initiatives Baltics (IIB) is an emergent network, founded in 2022, for independently run spaces in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. It attempts to establish a meeting point between histories, presents, and the futures of the Baltic region, exploring the needs and possibilities to cooperate based on mutual ideas, social and material infrastructures.

Artist-Run Network Europe is a Creative Europe project that aims to strengthen the self-organised, artist-run sector in Europe. Through local and international co-operation, the project will strengthen the self-organised, artist-run sector in Europe and create an information framework through the new collaborative online platform, Artist-Run Resource Centre, for art students and professionals.

Our participation is supported by the European Commission, the Arts Council of Ireland, and Limerick City & County Council.

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