The Building

The history of the Ormston House building has long been an inspiration for our artistic programme. Historian-in-Residence, Sharon Slater has been researching the political, economic and social history of 9-11 Patrick Street, and our unusual home inspired by the architecture of the Venetian palazzo. Sourcing evidence from local and regional newspapers, as well as advertisements and trade directories, she has pieced together the timeline, from the first business registered at 9 Patrick Street, to today’s Cultural Resource Centre.


The late eighteenth century saw the removal of the Walls of Limerick (1761) and the construction of [...]

6 June 2021


Inserted above each column on the façade of Ormston House are stylised tiles bearing the initials [...]

5 June 2021


The 1920s were a period of strife and change in Ireland that ultimately resulted in the country [...]

4 June 2021


In April 1961, twenty-one-year-old John F. Ormston opened his self-service supermarket at number 10 [...]

3 June 2021


In 1982, Jack Ormston closed the doors of his supermarket. Three years later, the ground floor of [...]

2 June 2021
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