Tina Nsubuga

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Tina Nsubuga joins Emma Langford and Ann Blake on this month’s episode of the Limerick Lady Podcast. Tina is a 29-year-old Ugandan-Irish fashion-tech entrepreneur. Ever evolving and exploring, she currently finds herself developing a company that influences not just our thoughts on fashion but also our behaviours towards a more sustainable lifestyle. On top of that, she’s also focusing on separating her work and career from her self-worth by actively slowing down and reconsidering what success looks like.

During the chat, Tina talks about her childhood experience of foster care, about how everything she’s done up to now has felt like “preparation for opportunity”, and about how passion and curiosity have driven her on in life. She also explains that her interest in sustainability came from a feeling that she wasn’t putting into the world what she was taking out of it when working in the fashion industry.

You can listen to Tina Nsubuga: Put More into the World Than You’re Taking Out here.

The Limerick Lady is a grassroots movement shining a spotlight on female performing artists. The aim is to boost female visibility, encourage gender parity across the board, and encourage young women to embark on careers in typically male-dominated industries. The podcast is co-hosted by Emma Langford and Ann Blake, and recorded with support from The Limerick Post newspaper and Ormston House.

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