Together For Yurt

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To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the repeal of the Eighth Amendment in Ireland, Ormston House is proud to host the complete Together for Yurt podcast, produced by Dave Tobin and narrated by Jess Beeley.

Together for Yurt is a podcast reflecting on the 2018 Limerick Together for Yes campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment. Together for Yes campaigned for a more compassionate Ireland that provides abortion care to women who need it.

Listen back to the Together for Yurt podcast to hear interviews with the organisers, canvassers, and volunteers who took part in this historic campaign. You can listen to the Together For Yurt podcast on our Buzzsprout and Spotify.

Together for Yes

Together For Yes was an umbrella group made up of over 70 organisations, groups, and communities representing a diverse cross-section of Irish civil society. A huge, grassroots movement built from the ground up over the last three decades, Together for Yes found support in every community, village, and town in Ireland. This broad groundswell of support showed that the overwhelming majority of Irish people wanted change to our abortion laws, and in an historic referendum on 25 May 2018, 66.4% of voters used their voices to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

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