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What are you made of, Folkestone? is a project by Mary Conroy for the Folkestone Fringe in partnership with the Creative Europe project, Magic Carpets. The project explores the physical materials that combine to make up the town of Folkestone in south-east England. Every urban centre develops its own personality and characteristics as it grows over time. Settlement begins in a place with useful natural amenities, but a sense of place is formed over time by the actions of its inhabitants and the events that occur there, both natural and man-made.

Following the COVID-19 restrictions on travelling, the artist is asking Folkestone residents to share an image of a material that they think is meaningful to the town. Perhaps it’s from the natural world – rock, water, trees and plants – or from the built environment – the Victorian red bricks, medieval stone, contemporary glass and steel, neon, timber, iron – everything amalgamates giving Folkestone its identity. The images will be collected to create for a unique visual library. You can read more about Folkestone Fringe and the project here.

Mary Conroy is an Artist-in-Residence at Ormston House. She was recommended by Niamh Brown, Co-Director at Ormston House and Irish curator for Magic Carpets on behalf of EVA International. Image courtesy of the Folkestone Fringe #whatareyoumadeoffolkestone

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