World Recipe Exchange: Brazilian Coffee & Yerba Mate

Transport your taste buds all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil at our next World Recipe Exchange. Our journey will require a sip of cafezinho, some yerba mate, a piece of Brazilian carrot cake, and a delicious brigadeiro. It will all happen right in the heart of Limerick City with our host Fernanda. As always, you will be welcome to browse through the collection of recipes from our past events and add your own recipes.

Please note, this time we will meet in Narrative 4 at 58 O’Connell Street. A big thank you to the team at Narrative 4 for accommodating us.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

New to the World Recipe Exchange?

World Recipe Exchange is a programme of intercultural food events based at Ormston House. We bring people together to explore the international culinary heritage of Limerick and to create meeting spaces for people of all cultures. As we cook, taste and share food, we are also creating a database of recipes that originate from all corners of the world but are nowadays cooked side by side in the kitchens of our city.

World Recipe Exchange is kindly supported by Limerick City and County Council and by The Heritage Council as part of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.



Friday 5 October, 6-8pm

#EuropeForCulture #MakeAConnection


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